The fundamental service that Sean offers potential clients is simply this: your event will be completely unique compared to any other event your guests have ever attended.  Period.

Sean is capable of backing this claim up with a legally binding guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Sean’s performance at your event for any reason, Sean will return his entire fee to you, no questions asked. This is spelled out in clear language in Sean’s contract.

There is a very simple reason why Sean is able to offer this guarantee: to this date, not a single one of Sean’s clients has ever, under any circumstances, requested a refund after seeing him perform.

Please keep in mind that Sean's performances can be tailored to a wide range of different circumstances, and because of this it is often best to discuss the details of Sean's services with him directly. General information about Sean's services is detailed below.

Sean Phillips is a professional magician based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stage Show

Sean's stage show is a unique experience, designed to be completely different from the average magic show. There are no suspicious-looking boxes, scantily clad assistants, or trick props. Sean takes the stage with no apparatus and nothing to hide, using simple props and cutting-edge psychological techniques to create beautiful illusions for his audience.

Sean's stage show show offers a number of benefits:

  • Audience members are guaranteed to have never seen a similar show anywhere before. They will remember the show (and the event they saw it at) literally for years afterward.
  • The show involves a large amount of audience interaction, and many of the illusions can actually be participated in by the entire audience at once.
  • Not a single audience member is ever made to do anything even remotely embarassing. The entire performance is designed to make the volunteers the stars of the show, not to embarrass them on-stage for the amusement of the rest of the audience (as done in most hypnotism shows, "comedy magic" shows, etc.).
  • The show can be adapted to a wide range of audience sizes; everything from intimate settings to audiences of hundreds of people.

Live video footage of one of the illusions from Sean's stage show can be viewed in the Media section












Strolling Magic

This type of performance is designed for events of a social nature, such as cocktail parties, wedding receptions, corporate functions, etc. It involves Sean moving from group to group, mingling with guests and presenting a small, individualized, and highly interactive performance for each group he introduces himself to. There are a number of benefits to this style of performance:

  • Strolling magic is rarely seen outside of private events, meaning that the experience will be extremely unique and memorable for the vast majority of guests.
  • Guests get to experience professional-caliber illusions happening right before their eyes. The illusions are highly interactive, and sometimes even take place in the guest's own hands.
  • Strolling magic can adapt to an incredibly wide range of venues and performing circumstances. It requires no stage, lighting, sound equipment, etc, it can fit comfortably into situations in which most performance arts would never work, and there is no minimum or maximum restriction to the size of the audience.
  • Every group gets a performance that is custom tailored specifically for them.
  • Having a professional performer actually mingling among the guests breaks the ice, loosens people up, and creates buzz at an event.

Sean is continually refining and perfecting his repertoire of close-up illusions, however a brief video example of his early work in this area can be seen in the Media section, as well as a number of informal photos of Sean performing strolling magic at various events.


Sean is highly adaptable as a performer, however he has certain criteria he follows in order to make sure that his performances run as smoothly as possible. Potential clients should keep the following considerations in mind:

Sean does not perform children's entertainment: although his performance style is 100% clean and unoffensive, it will be most relevant and entertaining to audiences no younger than junior high school students.

Sean is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but is available to travel. If you are located outside of the Twin Cities and considering hiring Sean for an event in your area, please keep in mind that depending on travel distance and other factors, Sean will have to take into account his increased time involvement and travel expenses when quoting you a fee.

Because of Sean's busy schedule, he is sometimes unable to work with clients due to previous engagements. If you are interested in Sean's services, please contact him well in advance of the date you would like to reserve, as he is unable to guarantee his availability.


Book Sean for your event via the Contact page.


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Sean Phillips, Professional Illusionist and Close Up Magician, Minneapolis, Minnesota