Sean Phillips is a professional magician based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Sean's performance at the American Heart Association's fifteenth annual Heart & Stroke Gala was mind blowing. His charm, professionalism, character, and radiance wowed the entire crowd. He created an exclusive experience with lasting memories for our VIP guests, which was exactly what I was looking for. People are still in disbelief several days later. Sean is very friendly, easy to work with, interacts with the audience and performs only the best illusions. I will be inviting Sean to perform at many more events to come.

- Brittney Strom, Gala Logistics Committee, The American Heart Association


"Absolutely incredible!"

- Jacob Stewart, founder of The Original Traveling Photo Booth Company










"Sean Phillips is an outstanding performer! He was able to engage every person in the room while creating mind-blowing illusions. I would gladly recommend Sean for both intimate gatherings and large-scale stage performances."

- Joanne K. Reeck, Augsburg College


"After watching Sean work on multiple occasions, I am now convinced of two things: he has great passion for what he does, and he is very good at what he does. He is tremendously compelling as a performer, has exceptional taste in performance material, and is a genuinely interesting person. If you are not paying him in gold doubloons or your first born, you are getting a deal."

- Tyler Erickson, past president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians


"Sean recently performed at a very large event we hosted. He did a great job mingling with the crowd while performing, he was very professional, and everyone loved him."

- Carrie Martinson, Lafayette Country Club


"Professional" and "intriguing" are two words that come to mind when describing Sean's style of performing. The following Monday after our weekend event there were so many theories about "how he did it" - we are planning on having him back so we can try and figure it out!

- Renae Kuehl, SRF Consulting Group


"Sean came to our cocktail party corporate event and amazed the group. In addition to the magic, he has a charming personality. I heard rave reviews from all, and was so pleased he was able to perform for us."

- Linda Stringer, JetDirect Aviation


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Sean Phillips, Professional Illusionist and Close Up Magician, Minneapolis, Minnesota